Gojek Clone App Makes It Easy To Handle Your Multiservices Business

A primary reason behind the massive growth of On-Demand App is they are packed with brilliant New Features and amazing utilities. Today’s world has become dependent on apps. The transformation of cellphones to smartphones has opened up several avenues for businesses in reaching their customer globally. Having mobile apps made you’re your business comes with endless benefits and opportunities.

Let’s explore how Gojek Clone App can make it easy to handle your business:

It automates your business process

You are hiring several resources to run your business operations. Gojek Clone Admin Dashboard is equipped with the latest features and functionalities. It reduces the need of hiring the resources which are expensive, and required to train from time to time. Thus overall, eliminates the overheads expenditure by automating the entire business activities. With every panel in sync with one another, right from placing the orders to stores confirmation to dispatch to ensure that the order reaching to the doorstep on time – everything is automated.

Reduces the hassle of Inventory Management

It’s difficult to gauge which products are needed if the inventory is not managed. Gojek Clone App mitigates inventory-related issues. It sends alerts/notifications ahead allowing the respective Admin/stores/restaurant owners to refresh their inventories on time.

Accurate fulfillment of the orders

When you are developing an app like Gojek, take time to re-think the pointers of how you will make your deliveries efficient. You can hire your delivery fleet, have 3rd party delivery team on board, or can ask respective stores/restaurants to have their delivery drivers order their deliveries. Having a dedicated delivery fleet can reduce the hassles of delivery issues. Thus you will have more orders to fill, and high return volumes, and no more worrying about losing your customer base.

Incorporating September new features 2021

Gojek Clone App’s new features launched in September 2021 have been carefully crafted in offering a boost to your on-demand business. These features are “Out of the box” features that are implemented after knowing the pain points and the challenges of the users, service providers, and delivery drivers. These are aimed to provide efficiency thus boosting the app productivity.

Live tracking facility

Not all apps provide a live-tracking facility. Some of them offer email notifications. This increases the workload of intimating every customer about their orders. Having integrated Gojek Clone App with the live-tracking facilities, the customers can automatically locate their orders, delivery agent, their exact location, and estimated time.

You won’t be bothered about intimating your customers thus, saving you a lot of time to spend on other productive tasks.

Efficient customer support

With Gojek Clone App’s in-built feature, “In-App Call /Chat Support” you need not outsource your expensive customer support. The feature allows you to handle your business efficiently, offering minimum time to resolve the issues.

When your customers do not have to dial a separate number to connect with the customer care as it can be done within an app to resolve their queries and concern. It will be ideal if your app has such features which can boost customer engagement.

User activity analytics

On-Demand Multiservices App like Gojek has “Analytics and Reporting”  that allows you to figure out your customer’s behavior with the app. What attracts your users, what lures them to make the purchase, their behavioral pattern, etc.

This data is retrieved on a real-time basis and helps in improving app performance. You need not hire an outsourcing agency to get the feedback, thus handling your business chores efficiently.

Repeat customers

When you have everything streamlined and smoothly moving in your business transactions, zero or fewer errors naturally you are going to have more customers repeat customers. Your customer appreciates the services you are offering with timeliness. This helps improve the customer experience, protecting them from the issues like returns and refunds.

Developing online presence

Gojek Clone App eliminates the expenditure of marketing campaigns. The app acts as a promotional tool that can send mass notifications, make announcements, add 3rd party ad banners, run loyalty programs, pitch promo codes, and more.

Thus, helping you in strengthening your online presence in On-Demand Market.

In Conclusion

Gojek Clone recently has become a talk of the town these days. Be it is a startup, an enterprise, or an established brand each one is interested in developing an app like Gojek. Before developing one, go through the above-mentioned points, on how it helps in handling your business activities seamlessly.

So, if you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business make sure to integrate it with September Features 2021. It is necessary to plan accordingly and beat the competition to stay ahead in the competition.

All you need to do is to be innovative while developing Gojek Clone App. Discuss your app idea with a proficient app development company and know the Gojek Clone App rates in India to get better clarity on the development process. You will be provided with the demo trial and once you okayed the app, the team will start with the app development process. This way you are all set to launch your Super App in a week.  Good Luck!

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