Gojek Clone: Most Powerful Business App With Latest Features

The Gojek clone app is a sure shot success in the on demand multi services market. In order to be absolutely sure that you are on top of your game and can make the most of this application, it is important to have the right bunch of features to support your app. 

For years, working in the on demand industry, we have seen the market transition into what it is today, while there are hundreds of solution in the global space that offer multiple services within a single app, there are but very few that can claim to be so loaded with features that it guarantees the success of your app. 

We have been asked over and over again by our clients on what are some of the features that are extremely important in the Gojek clone app for the year 2022. While the standard bunch of features remains pretty much the same, there have to be new additions that can make your app a profitable venture in the coming year. 


2022 is special and any investor or entrepreneur who has seen the last couple of years knows it. The Corona Virus CoVid 19 pandemic has shown us very hard times. It has crushed businesses that were earlier extremely popular. Therefore, the New Year has to be welcomed not just with a multi service app, but with one that is loaded with the perfect mix of convenience and safety. 

Keeping government regulations in mind and designing the usability of your app in confluence with them is the need of the hour. So, today, we will discuss some of the top CoVid 19 proof features that can make sure that your business is absolutely successful even in the year 2022.



One of the primary components of the Gojek clone app is transportation. If a user is booking a taxi using your Gojek clone app, it is important to reassure them of their safety. As per the government norms for safety for practically every country in the world, wearing a face mask is mandatory. 

Therefore, ensure that you have a face mask verification feature. This feature will ensure that a taxi driver can only start the trip once he or she clicks a picture (selfie) wearing a face mask. 


There are many safety precautions and norms that all the people must adhere to in order to prevent the spread of the pathogen and to make the world a safer place. However, it might not be easy for people to remember all of these measures. 

Therefore, add a safety checklist that can come in the form of a pop up when a user books a service using the app. They can confirm that they have gone through the list in order to proceed with the booking. 


Physical money, or cash, changes many hands. This is why; it is an excellent medium for spreading germs and pathogens. Keeping the facility of cashless transactions on your app will reduce the spread of the virus drastically. 

Make sure that your users can pay for the services that they have hired using their in app wallets. They should also be able to make payment using their credit cards. It is best to ensure that people avoid cash and therefore stay safe.


The Gojek clone app allows users to send across parcels, get a delivery genie to make delivery runs and even purchase items from the app that they can have delivered at their doorstep. With the contactless feature in your app, you can make sure that the users can continue with their delivery requirement without ever coming in physical contact with the delivery provider. 

The Delivery provider can simply click a picture of the parcel that is delivered at the doorstep or a pre assigned space and then send it to the user. When the user gets the notification of the delivered parcel they can collect it themselves after the delivery service provider has left. 


The year 2022 brings in a promise of stability and prevention of the disease that has haunted the past years for the entire world. By ensuring that you have all these CoVid 19 proof features, you too can play a part in ensuring that your business continues to thrive in spite of all the odds. 

Make sure that you speak to the white label developer of your Gojek clone application about these features so that they can customise the app for you by including them. Once you have your app, no one can prevent you from ruling the on demand service provider industry with your very own Gojek clone super app. 

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