Apps have become the lifeline of the market that we live in. Just about everything we need to do can be addressed using various apps. In the present market, the Gojek clone app has become one of the most popular on demand multi service app.

The Gojek clone app is a market place based on a digital platform. It allows users and service providers to interact in a way that provides more jobs for the service providers and the ease of access to the users. Users can download the Gojek clone app to gain access to over 70 different kinds of services and the services providers with expertise in that field.

The app has been designed to ensure maximum benefits to the service providers and the users. As more and more service providers register on the app, it becomes easier for the users to find what they are looking for. As the app continues to grow in popularity amongst the users, the number of downloads grow and the number of times it is used to hire service providers increases. Each time someone uses the app to hire a service provider, the app owner gets richer!

The Gojek clone app works on the commission model. The app owner does not charge anything from the users, but can charge a small convenience fee from the service provider for allowing them to access their platform to find jobs.

Since there are 70 different services in this app, the app owner can set an individual amount of commission in the form of percentage for each of the services. This can be done from the admin panel of the application.

During the time of the launch of the app, it is possible that an entrepreneur is not prepared to go all in with the app and launch all the services all at once. Therefore, the app owner can also select the number of services from the admin panel to make sure that they launch with only the services that they wish to make live. As time goes by, they can continue to add more services and grow their range.


Building apps has become a lot easier than earlier. However, it is not the same for an app with the kind of complexity that the Gojek clone brings to the table. This is a super app. It works in real time and has many factors that make it a practical market solution.

Therefore, the process of building the app is also complicated. Let us take a look at all the steps involved in Gojek clone app development.


This is the first step while building any app. in case of the Gojek clone app, the idea behind it was taken from the primary Gojek app launched in Indonesia a few years ago. The idea is to allow users the convenience of hiring any kind of service provider from the convenience of their smart phone.


There are 2 wide categories of app. One is native apps, which means that apps are developed specifically to run on one kind of operating system. Native apps can be for Android as well as iOS. When building native apps, individual apps need to be built separately for the Android platform and the iOS platform.

The other option is to opt for cross platform apps that run on multiple operating system. Here only a single app needs to be built such that it runs seamlessly across android as well as iOS. However, the Gojek clone app has many sub apps within it. For example, there is a service provider app, a user app, an app for the store owners etc. this is why; this app needs to be built as native apps.


A team of 6 t 10 developers have to work together to build the Gojek Clone App. remember that it is a single app that has multiple features and allows access to over 70 different kinds of services. This is why; one has to make sure that every aspect is dealt with in detail.


Once the app is developed completely, a panel of quality analysts works on the app with a fine toothed comb to check if it has any anomalies or bugs. Then they report these bugs tot the app development team who work on fixing it before presenting the final app.


Once the app is all ready to hit the market, the development team white labels it with the logo and the brand name of the entrepreneur who purchases it and then launches it on the Google Play store and the iOS app store under their credentials. The app development team also takes complete responsibility of ensuring that the app is not rejected from the app stores owing to any technical reasons.


The Gojek clone app is a wonderful app that assures high returns on investment. If you are interested in building your own empire in the on demand industry, no other solution can be as good as this one. Purchase your own on demand Gojek clone app and watch your business grow profitable every day!


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